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Go Karting Team Races 

Iron Man

(Up to 12 drivers)

A 5 minute qualifying session to decide the grid – then a 40 minute race. No pit stops, no team orders – just a race to the chequered flag! Trophies are awarded to the first 3 drivers.

Le Mans Team Endurance

(Up to 12 teams)

A team event of up to 12 teams of between 3 and 5 drivers each. A 30 minute qualifier gives all drivers the chance to familiarise themselves with the track before the main event. Teams need to decide driver changes and pit stops to maximise their chance of standing on the podium after a gruelling 90 minute race. A fantastic team building event.


(15 -35 drivers)

A Monza is a series of 5 minute races, whereby drivers earn themselves points depending on how well they drive. The 8 best drivers go through to race in a Grand Final. Monza can last up to 4.5hrs depending on the number of drivers.

Prices from £35 per person (T&C's apply)



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