Absolutely Parties

Absolutely Combat


In the heat of the battle, will you run and hide or shoot your way out?20130906092215-AbsPartiesImage3.jpg

Forget the other laser venues and take part in an experience you will remember for years to come. With a maze of different rooms and wooden crates, oil drums and large tyres and lots more to hide behind... will you have the courage and skill to win the battle?

Absolutely Combat in Maidenhead is suitable for all ages and abilities and absolutely perfect for birthday parties and special events.

  • The most advanced gaming guns on the planet.
  • A safe indoor environment with no projectiles.
  • All the fun of computer games with the added bonus and enjoyment of running around with friends.
  • Real time hit feedback (you know exactly when you have been hit or scored a hit and there can be no cheating)
  • Real time statistics on every gaming gun giving you up to date information on your score, your health, your ammunition and when you need to reload.
  • Similar to paintball without the bruises, without the mud and without the mess.

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