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The most excitement you can have on four wheels!20130906083803-AbsPartiesImage1.jpg

It's fast, it’s furious and it’s a whole lot of fun...feel the thrill of flying around the track at high speeds trying to plan the next corner. If you want to shave valuable seconds off your lap time then our trained staff are more than willing to give out some advice which is sure to improve your time.

Our karting track in Maidenhead has 270cc GT5 karts that compliment the demanding new track with its 50 metre straight! With free parking and an easy to find location Absolutely Karting in Maidenhead will blow your socks off!

Our Basingstoke has the same 270cc GT5 karts but the track really puts your driving skills to the test with tight corners and two 50 metre straights!

Our new double level track in Bristol is as awesome as indoor Go-Karting gets. With over 800m of exhilarating bends, straights, chicanes and ramps racing towards you at up to 45mph, you’ll need all the skill and bravery you can muster to reach the chequered flag in first place. 

Go karting At Absolutely Karting is the perfect way to celbrate your special day where children as young as 8 year old can experience an adrenaline pumping and thrill seeking ultimate driving experience!



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